Friday, September 14, 2012

19th century, Nouveau Steampunk in Steelhead

Steelhead is a Pacific North-West themed region, inspired by the history of the Oregon/Washington regions before they applied for statehood to the union. 

There is quite a bit to see in this region. My five pictures here just barely give a taste of what you will find in Steelhead. 

You will arrive at the train station, where you can pick up a notecard with information about the Steelhead community, a destination guide for the various builds around the sims, and also events listings. I was told by a community member that they have weekly dances and events that are open for visitors. There is a complete events listing at the Steelhead website. 

Steelhead bills itself as a "light, optional roleplay" community, with public areas and residential areas as well. I came across a couple of parcels for rent, so if you're looking for a tight knit, historically themed community to be a part of, Steelhead might be right for you.

Or if you just want to visit, explorers and visitors are welcome to explore the many detailed builds and sites to see. 

I love exploring roleplaying regions in Second Life, however I have come across some that are very strict in their rules for visitors. I can't imagine what the rules must be like for the roleplayers! 

Steelhead did not feel like that at all. It felt welcoming, and the few community members I met were very encouraging and helpful. 

Steelhead Shanghai was an interesting place to explore. It is currently under re-construction, however it still looks great and offers a new twist on the steampunk theme that I have not seen before. 

The Steelhead regions are rated moderate. Again, there is a lot of things to see here and places to explore. Be sure to grab the notecards at the landing spot so you can get the full scoop on the history and roleplay. And if you like taking pictures, get your camera fingers ready!


  1. Oh thank you for the post about my home! I have lived in Steelhead for years and it is the nicest place in Secondlife. You don't have to live in it to be a part of the community, Or a roleplayer, all are welcomed!

    We have a weekly town meeting on Tuesdays at the town hall and a weekly themed dance held in various locations around the sims. Many times in fantastic Builds that our estate owners make for them. All are welcome to either, as well as to any other Steelhead event.

    Lunar and Tensai are amazing husband wife team that run the sims. And talented builders. Their builds for Relay for life are always breathtaking.

    Come visit!!

    1. What an interesting and beautiful place for your virtual world home! I was intrigued by the place and I went back three nights in a row exploring and taking pics. Really cool place!

      Thanks so much for the info. :)

  2. Wonderful post Carrie, thank you for visiting Steelhead maybe we'll see you again soon.