Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Sopor aEternum: Creepy and kinda weird but cool place to explore

I have nothing against creepy and weird...except when it's night time, the house is quiet, I'm alone downstairs with my laptop exploring a strange and creepy, mysterious place in SL and the floor creeks upstairs...eeep!

I have to give the creators of Sopor aEternum credit though, for creating a very interesting sim for explorers like me.  I imagine this is a popular destination during the Halloween season, aka the national Second Life holiday.

I always judge a sim by how it makes me feel.  I actually really felt a little scared as I walked through the area, but not scared enough to teleport out of there.  The strange and mysterious element kept me wanting to explore further and find out what this place was all about.  

Even though the place is rather dark and rainy, there are some romantic places to have a cuddle with your loved one - not pictured here, you have to go find those spots yourself. ;)

And speaking of the rain, it is intense.  As my friend Rasputin said to me, " It is the kind of rain, that if you are caught in it, you would say, screw it.  I'm wet, no bother."

Yes, indeed.

The sim is rated Moderate, however I did see at least one pose ball that definitely would not  get a moderate rating.  I didn't notice any others, but I wasn't really checking out pose balls.

There is also a teleport system that will lead you to eight different locations around the sim.   There is one teleporter at the landing point, and also scattered around the sim.  The giant chess board pictured below is one of the destinations. 

Sopor aEternum.  Even though I got the creeps in some areas, I enjoyed exploring it.  Be sure to set your windlight to the recommended settings - [EUPHORIA]Realm, for full effect. 


  1. Oh wow...! Must visit for sure! LOVE the pics (am I starting to sound like a broken record? If the answer is "yes", then it's all your fault, Carrie! ;)

    1. Lizzie, you are one broken record I don't mind hearing! Thank you!