Thursday, June 7, 2012

Kingdom of Sand - action role playing sim

Kingdom of Sand is another role-playing sim that I visited some weeks back but didn't get a chance to take some screenshots.  I went back last night and explored a big and got some shots to share. 

I've been in Second Life for over three years and have done many things, but role playing games are not one of them.  Sometimes I wish I could be more immersed in Second Life like some of the role players that I saw scattered around this kingdom.  I can definitely see the appeal of getting lost, temporarily, in your imagination in a place like Kingdom of Sand. 

Like many other role playing regions, you will need a visitor's tag so that you can access the city.  You pick this up not at the landing point, at the end of the trail of red footprints that leads you to a teleporter that takes you down to the city.  You need to wear the tag to use the teleporter.  It is good for three days. 

Judging from the amount of avatars clustered around the city, it looks like a very active community of role players.  I quietly went about my business, careful not to disturb the role play and didn't have any problems.

There is a lot to see here and I took a lot of pictures, but I think I only just scratched the surface of what there is to discover. 

As I was roaming around, the atmosphere reminded me of an Arabian or Moroccan theme.

The windlight setting I used for shots: [TOR]Sunset - Kyrosonatine

If you like role playing sims, or are looking for a role play game to get involved in, Kingdom of Sand looks like an interesting one to be a part of.  It's also a fascinating place for explorers too. 

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