Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Staying Afloat

I took this photo the other night when I was trying out the hot tub/pool in my new prefab house.  I've been trying to think up some clever words and a metaphor to go along with the image - floating through life, staying afloat...belly up? But no inspirational words are rising up to the surface.

I think a photo using a 'treading water' animation would better reflect my mood as of late.  I get mild relief knowing that this extremely busy time in my rl work has a foreseeable end in sight.

Someone mentioned to me today that I always seem so calm under pressure.  What they don't know is that underneath the calm, I am treading very carefully so as to not sink under the weight of it all.

It's okay though, I'm used to it.  This busy time won't last forever and once I get these two big projects at work completed, I can look forward to a quiet summer in the office.  I'm pretty sure I can keep myself afloat until then.