Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Snakes and Speed Bumps

I have been feeling incredibly restless.  It's the reason why I dove into exploring and taking pics at Fantasy Faire (that is of course aside from the fact that Fantasy Faire was absolutely fabulous).  It kept me busy each evening and kept my mind off of my worries and frustrations. But now the fair is over, so now what am I going to do?!

Don't get me wrong, life is good.  I have everything I ever dreamed of - a loving husband, two beautiful children, a good career, a comfortable although tiny home in the city, a private downtown parking spot!  But, having achieved the life I always wanted, I find that my family has outgrown my dreams.  So we made some new goals.  We want to move out of the city and onto the next chapter of our family life.  We have a plan, and if I could have my way, we would be embarking on that plan asap.  Full speed ahead.

But there are speed bumps on the road that we did not anticipate.  A snake has made it's way into our plan and it really sucks.  Big time.  I am so restless, that I wonder if I am the snake slowing things down?  I can hardly sit still and I feel like I could crawl out of my own skin, like I need to get the hell outta Dodge, fast!  You know that feeling when you really, really, really want something and it is just within arms reach and you can't have it?  Yeah, that feeling.  It's torturous isn't it?

But I'm trying my best to be all Zen about it...

Speed bumps are there for a reason, right?  They are there to slow you down and keep you and everyone around you safe.  I can't make the speed bump go away, and I'm not going to recklessly pass over it either.  Well, I could do that but it would probably cause some damage and more problems to deal with down the road.  The only thing I can do is slow down and be content with everything we already have, and wait.  Enjoy the moment.  Be in the now.  Be happy.  Watch for speed bumps.  Don't kill any snakes.  Slow down.  Breathe.  Life is not so bad here that I need to exit so quickly.
I can do this.  I know I can.

So, anyone have any suggestions to keep me busy in Second Life while I get over this speed bump and wait for the snake to pass?


  1. Your photos are amazing, Carrie. And it is clear that you love taking pictures in Second Life. I have explored many new (to me!) sims because of your blog. Sooo, my suggestion would be to choose a topics, take pics and organise an exhibit. It's always fun to visit other's "second" life from their point of view. :)

  2. There's the Madpea hunt. I haven't had time to do it, but it sounds like it's pretty creepy and exciting. There's also an artwalk starting in a few days; I've heard there's over 300 exhibits there.

  3. Thanks Lizzie! I really do love taking pictures in Second Life. Funny, because before SL, I never thought of myself as a visual person. Now here I am with a blog that has turned into a travel/photo blog of sorts. I think an exhibit is a great idea and I will definitely consider that.

    Deoridhe - the Madpea hunt sounds great. I haven't done a hunt in awhile so I think I will check it out. and I love artwalks. Thanks for your suggestions. :)