Monday, February 13, 2012

Three years and counting

Well now, last night I happened to look at my profile and realized that my third SL rez day has come and gone and I didn’t even blink an eye!  Can I now claim that I am a “disgruntled oldbie? Well, I completely forgot about my rez day so that definitely qualifies for “oldbie”, but disgruntled? Me? Never!

I thought about writing a long sentimental post with shout outs to all my dear friends and how much they all mean to me, and how much I love Second Life and it’s the coolest thing ever, which is all true…but nah, I’m too damn grumpy to do that ;)

No, seriously, my SLife is good. I have no complaints. In fact, Life is good all around. I remember reading somewhere on the vast internet that the average lifespan of an avatar or person’s participation in online communities is about three years. Don’t ask me where I read that, or maybe I’m deluded and completely made that up. It's my age you know…

Back to my point…

I can’t imagine that my SLife is reaching it’s completion now. That first day that Carrie rezzed at that welcome centre, did I ever think I would still be around three years later and have invested so much time and effort into my virtual life. No. Hell, that first day, I logged out after about 20 minutes thinking this was “a stupid game and I’m never coming back!” (maybe I still think that sometimes ;p)

But I did come back that day, and I keep coming back, so here I am.  Ready and waiting for what my fourth year in SL will bring me.  More art, more poetry, more live music, more blog posts, more pictures to share, more laughter, more good times, more people to meet, more junk in my inventory, more, more, more…

Bring it on...



  1. My SL is richer for having you in it dear Shebear.

  2. (beams) me too, vice versa Chestnut xoxo

  3. Happy Belated Rezday, Carrie! Second Life is certainly an enriching world allowing us to meet people we would've never had the change to meet otherwise! I am glad our paths have crossed!