Saturday, February 11, 2012

"Spirit" by Claudia222 Jewell at Art!

One of the reasons why I love Second Life so much is because every weekend, or any given night/day of the week really, there is amazing 3D artwork waiting for me to enjoy.  

I have always enjoyed and appreciated art, however there is something pretty spectacular about the kind of art you will experience in a virtual world like Second Life.  I can't think of one art exhibit I have viewed in the atomic world that I have felt so fully immersed in and that triggered my senses on such a deep emotional level.  I'm serious.  

The latest art installation at Art Screamer, entitled "Spirit" by Claudia222 Jewell did just that.  It is simply amazing and you must go and experience this for yourself.   

"Spirit" is Claudia's first full sim installation in Second Life and it opens to the public today on the Art Screamer sim, curated by Second Life residents Zach Cale, Chestnut Rau and Amase Lavasseur.

The build is mainly made up of mesh objects, so you will need a mesh viewer to see the
amazingly detailed mesh art work that Claudia has created. 

I literally spent hours there last night and again this morning.  My avatar is parked there now while I listen to the peaceful music and type this.  I never want to leave!

Speaking of avatars, don't forget to pick up the free mesh avatar at the landing point.  This is probably the most beautiful mesh avatar I have ever seen.  I really felt like I had become part of the installation wearing this av.

From the notecard:

"This exposition for me is the letting go of a long period of grief, to let the spirits pass, and to start anew in peace." - Claudia222 Jewell

Well, enough gushing from me on this.  Just get your butts over there and experience it for yourself.  "Spirit" opens today at Art Screamer for your viewing pleasure.


  1. Oh gosh Carrie, that last shot needs to be my desktop. Incredible shots! It was great seeing you there!

  2. Thank you! I took so many pictures it was hard to decide which ones to use. Glad we bumped into each other there :)

  3. Thank you Honour! That means a lot to me coming from you! :)