Monday, February 27, 2012

From Graffiti Alley to Suburbia

So in contrast to our family graffiti/street art tour downtown on Saturday, we spent our Sunday in the suburbs looking at homes for sale.

There is no graffiti there, and everything looks the same.  

The houses we saw are spacious and nice.  I could have my own office! Imagine that.  But would we fit in there?  I'm so used to downtown urban living.  If we did move away from the city, I'm kind of worried about adjusting to life in the burbs.  It would be a lot different, that's for sure.

Driving around the suburban neighbourhoods, I was reminded of my Linden home...

Maybe, if we did move the burbs, we could 'tag' our own walls with graffiti so we would feel more at home.  You know, make it look more like our natural habitat...?

Do you think we would still get invited to the neighbourhood street parties with our home all graffitied up?  

Well, whichever affluent suburban neighbourhood or small town we move to, I hope they don't mind the riff raff moving in.

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