Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Costa Rica, I miss you

Hands up if this Park Life prefab was also your first home in Second Life:

Haha.  I've seen that home in so many places inworld.

I was cleaning out my inventory last night when I came across some snapshots from my early days in SL and I started feeling all nostalgic.  My first home on the grid was in the Costa Rica Sims.
In 2006, in the atomic world, we lived in Costa Rica and my son was born there.  Our plan was to stay and raise our family there, however Life threw a few curve balls at us and we came back to Canada.  New plan, is raise our family here in Canada, visit Costa Rica as often as possible and one day retire there.
I love Costa Rica.  So naturally, when I came to SL and found out that there was an entire region of Costa Rica Sims, it was my first choice to set down some pixel roots.
Last night I decided to go back and visit the location of that first home just to see how it looks today.
It's still there, empty at the moment, but the view and the sunset are still the same.  A lot of neighbours have changed, but there are a few long standing residents in the particular sim where I spent the first year of my SLife.

The last time we visited Costa Rica was in 2009.  We were hoping to go this winter but it looks like we will have to put that off for next year.
Oh Costa Rica I miss you so much.  Your white sand beaches, warm sun on my skin, and the howler monkeys waking us up at 6am every morning...I can almost feel your essence when I visit your virtual world representation.
Next year.
For now, I think I might spend some more time visiting and exploring my old pixel stomping grounds and dream about feeling the white sand under my feet while watching the sun set across the Pacific with my family.

Mal Pais, Costa Rica 2009


  1. The sims where I go a start don't exist anymore... SoHo, Podcast Island... sure, Corona Cay is there, but it's not the same... sometimes I think about those places, but they're gone.

    Just photos.


  2. Apparently this sim is now gone just went to visit today and it's all empty land. Bummer.