Tuesday, January 31, 2012

"Not Everything is Plain Black & White" by Fuchsia Nightfire

I have never been disappointed by an installation at Per4mance MetaLES, and the current installation featured at this sim definitely lives up to the MetaLES reputation of supporting and displaying amazing work my women artists and creators of Second Life. 

The current installation, Not Everything is Plain Black & White" by Fuchsia Nightfire, is open for your viewing pleasure until February 20th.  You still have lots of time to go and experience this inspiring, black and white but not at all plain build. 

I really  enjoy virtual world art that I can interact with and become a part of, so when I tp'd into the landing spot, I was delighted to find that the artist has provided free skin and clothing that you can wear to become one with the exhibit.  I chose the black silhouette outfit just because I have a special fondness for the colour black, and I love silhouettes.

The landscape is minimal, but that doesn't mean there is less here to enjoy.  Less is more they say, and I agree that is certainly the case here.

I didn't take too many screenshots this time because I don't want to spoil the experience for you.  Go and see it for yourself and bring someone along with you.  You might find some quiet little places to dance or relax with your special someone.


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