Saturday, December 3, 2011

"Phantoms of Absence" by Blue Tsuki

I am not familiar with the work of Blue Tsuki, but after my morning explorations of his build "Phantoms of Absence", I have definitely made note of this creator and will be watching for further exhibits to explore.

I think I first came across this exhibit in the Destination Guide, which is hosted my the Musei de Roma Capitale, MiC.  I can't recall exactly, as I found the landmark this morning in my inventory along with tons of other lm's of places to explore.  I'll get to them eventually.

From the notecard:

"Look carefully, you will find people whose memories were discarded in a thrift store box of photographs and now tenuously remembered, visions of strangers who we can no longer know but find an afterlife in a corner of art. Secrets and stories lost."

If you are like me and love to click everything, you will easily find the hidden viewpoints in all three levels of this installation.  

Be sure to grab the notecard at the beginning for information and some very helpful tips to guide you through.  I didn't read the notecard until the end, and that's just like me, but I made it through just fine.

I found this exhibit to be quite emotional.  Walking through each level, there is a feeling of memories that linger, and it brought to mind people in my own life who have passed in the last year. 

It certainly provokes emotion, but I also found Phantoms of Absence to be quite comforting and meditative.  

It was a reflective and relaxing way to spend my Saturday morning.  Enjoy :)

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