Thursday, December 1, 2011

Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree

I wasn't planning on getting a Christmas tree this year, but when I received a notice that Rebeca Bashly had created some trees for the season, I stopped everything I was doing to head over and have a look.

I knew I wouldn't be disappointed.  This Christmas tree is quite a contrast from Rebeca's work that I blogged previously, and it is beautiful.  There is a variety of colours and you get four versions of the tree to choose from, and different gift boxes to rez out around the tree.  

The tree is available for purchase on Marketplace here:

If you would like to see a tree inworld, there is one on display inside at Nordan Art Gallery (click for SLurl).

Or, if you know where I live, you can come on over and have a look at mine ;)


  1. Flora NordenskioldDecember 2, 2011 at 7:34 AM

    Hi Carrie, thanks for writing about this, its very sweet of you. These trees are very elegant and, yes, enchanting. There are in fact two on display at Nordan Art; one on the balcony and one on the main room to the right on the ground floor. Thanks again! Flora

  2. Hi Flora. I somehow missed the tree on the balcony, but I saw the one in the main room. Thank you :)