Sunday, October 16, 2011

A little something I shared at Blue Angel tonight...

Take me as I am
all of me
don't try to change me
I will not ask you for an expensive home
fancy car or winter vacations in the tropics
although I will gladly accept these gifts from you
if it will make you happy
but do not fool yourself into thinking
that these worldy things will fill my shortcomings
the only thing I will ever ask of you
is to take me just the way I am
my laughter, my passion
my sorrow, my pain
my light and my shadow
though I may try to kick down your doors 
from my knot of rage and grief
I ask for your fierce clarity and courage
to look past my defenses
and see the vulnerable child inside
who only wants to be loved
my need for tenderness
to hazardous to show you
I bottle it up until it implodes
there is nothing that can fill the void
except for your unconditional love
I know it is a lot to ask
but if you could do this one thing
it will be enough for me to transform
my rage into kindness
my fear into courage
self-loathing into love...
take me as I am
all of me
and I promise you
I will give you the world
in your hands

Carrie Lexington, October 2011

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