Sunday, October 30, 2011

Meeroos for Sale: for Pets...or MEAT - A bedtime story

There is a legend in Piper Point.  The locals don't talk about it.  They prefer to sweep the darkness under their pixel rugs and pretend like everything in their happy little community is bright and peaceful.

But you can't deny the darkness that lurks below the surface...

Legend has it there is a Meeroo burial ground on the west end of Piper.  Terrible things happened there to these good hearted and unsuspecting little creatures.  It has been many years and the land has taken over, covering up it's dark and twisted history.

But every year, on Halloween, you can hear the haunting screams of the poor little victims echoing across the bay.  And if you look closely enough, you can even see the Meeroo ghosts roaming the property, eternally trapped between this world and the afterlife begging to be pet...but be careful, they are vengeful little creatures.

Don't let your curiosity get the best of you because they, whoever these evil people were, like to torture avatars too...

Be cautious about that sweet and quiet girl named Carrie. She lives not far from this twisted mayhem and seems a little too comfortable being so close to this evil darkness.

The land is vacant, the Piper locals are looking for a new neighbour but if you ask them about that strange and eery feeling that rushes through your bones and makes the hair on the back of your neck stand on end...they will deny it for fear of being the next victim of the revenge of the tortured Meeroos...

And as for lips are sealed....

Muahahahaha!!!!!!   Happy Halloween :))



Thursday, October 27, 2011

Meeroos Boom or Bust?

I don't even want to say it out loud but...I'm getting fed up with my meeroos.  

They are an expensive hobby and I'm starting to resent the prims they are taking up on my parcel.  I still really like them and think they are very cute, it's just that every time I have to dish out another $1600L's for food, I cringe a little.  I would be happy if I could sell enough nests to pay for the food.  The berries last a long time, but when I have to buy 3 or 4 of them within a few days, it kind of hurts my pixel wallet.

Things change so fast in Meeroo land.  It wasn't that long ago that I sold a tiger ears nest (and it was a common winecoat) for $3000L's.  The other night, I sold a tiger ears/highland coat for $750.  I'm okay with that, just saying how fast things change.

Not that I have ever been in it to get rich.  Like I said before, I would be happy to make a little $L's to pay for the food, and/or rent a little plot to keep them (which leads me down the path of the cost to rent land with enough prims in SL, but that's a whole other issue...or is it?)

Roaming around last night, I felt so discouraged seeing the price tags for some of these nests.  $25,000L's?  I've seen prices as high as $75,000L's.  I saw another on a bidboard with a whopping opening bid of $30,000L's.  I love the little creatures too, but some of these prices are so outrageous with a capital O it makes it so out of my reach and therefore, undesirable.  I'm not about to dish out that amount of money for a pixel pet, not matter how cute it might be.

I don't know.  I'm big on supporting the breeders market, I bought all my first meeroos from the breeders and not Malevay Studios.  I don't want to knock the market, but when I see some of these asking prices I have to wonder, is making a buck really all this is about?  Nothing wrong with making some cash, but to me the meeroos are more than that.  I see the main appeal being about meeting people, bartering, cooperating, networking...isn't it?

Speaking of which, I have a hard time believing that the release of Sim Pets is going to be the "huge competitive threat to breedables in SL" as Hamlet Au suggests.  We have Sims Pets at home, I've played it and I think it's boring.  Without the interaction for trading and selling with other people, I just don't get the appeal.  Yawn.

My sense is that if anything is going to hurt Meeroos and breedables in SL, it will be the ridiculously high price tags attached to some of these nests from the breeders themselves. Does anyone buy these nests?

If it is going to cost me that much money to fill up my Tome, I'll pass and leave the meeroos altogether, like several people I have talked to recently.

That kind of game is just too rich for my blood. 

Friday, October 21, 2011

War of the Worlds comes to Second Life

If you are looking for something to do this weekend, I have an exciting event to tell you about that I'm sure will quench your desire for something thrilling and spooky this halloween season. 

Seanchai Library has been "bringing stories of all kinds to Second Life" for the past four years.  Last October, if you missed it, they performed Dracula which drew crowds of up to 80 avatars.  I was in that crowd and it was a fabulous performance. 

This year, in the spirit of this spooky season, Seanchai is presenting a special production of War of the Worlds. 

War of the Worlds, written by Orson Welles in 1898, scared the living daylights out of people in 1938 when it debuted as a radio play.  The performance was so real that it created mass hysteria throughout the nation - people actually begun preparing for alien invasion upon hearing the performance.  Imagine sitting down with your family for your nightly radio (for us television) time with your family to experience a performance so real you can't tell where fiction ends and where reality begins.  Pretty spooky.

"War of the Worlds scared the pants off people back in the '30's using the power of voice to persuade folks this was real.  We plan to generate the same feeling with this production", says Seanchai Chief Librarian Derry McMahon. 

There are three performances scheduled for War of the Worlds.  The first one being tomorrow, October 22, 5pm slt at the Blood Evolution Kingdom sim.  The second performance takes place on October 23 at 12 pm slt at Spooky Fruit Islands, and the final performance will be on October 26th, 7pm slt at Seanchai Library.

I don't have SLurl's right now, but I suggest joining the inworld group, Seanchai Library, to keep up to date on the events and proper SLurl's/

You can read more about Seanchai and their events on their blog:

Maybe I will see you there :)

Sunday, October 16, 2011

A little something I shared at Blue Angel tonight...

Take me as I am
all of me
don't try to change me
I will not ask you for an expensive home
fancy car or winter vacations in the tropics
although I will gladly accept these gifts from you
if it will make you happy
but do not fool yourself into thinking
that these worldy things will fill my shortcomings
the only thing I will ever ask of you
is to take me just the way I am
my laughter, my passion
my sorrow, my pain
my light and my shadow
though I may try to kick down your doors 
from my knot of rage and grief
I ask for your fierce clarity and courage
to look past my defenses
and see the vulnerable child inside
who only wants to be loved
my need for tenderness
to hazardous to show you
I bottle it up until it implodes
there is nothing that can fill the void
except for your unconditional love
I know it is a lot to ask
but if you could do this one thing
it will be enough for me to transform
my rage into kindness
my fear into courage
self-loathing into love...
take me as I am
all of me
and I promise you
I will give you the world
in your hands

Carrie Lexington, October 2011

Thursday, October 13, 2011

I scream, you scream, we all scream for Art Screamers

I love the Art Screamers name, I couldn't help myself with this post title.  haha.

I've been trying for days to get to Art Screamers to explore the latest build on display, Through the Lens of Dreams by Madcow Cosmos and Lorin Tone.  I had good intentions to blog this earlier, but it was Thanksgiving and then I just lost track of the days while I was dilly dallying around SL.  

Anyway, I'm getting back on track and looking for cool places to explore to share here.  

Through the Lens of Dreams is a fun and unique art build to explore.  If you are like me and like to click, fly over and sit on everything, you will love it here.  The creative collaboration between Madcow and Lorin is truly unique to experience and you must see and click your way through this for yourself.  

From the notecard:

"Through the Lens of Dreams" is an exploration of the transformative nature of dreams, where each new setting may emerge from the last and seems continuous while we're experiencing them.  The only truly consistent part of a dream is the viewer, that's you.  Thus as you walk through the installation you help complete the piece, good work.  The piece is more a series of doodles that flow from each other than a single large composition so it seems somewhat sprawling and busy.  Just relax and enjoy your own little piece of the whole."

I'm not exactly sure why I chose such a grey windlight setting for these photos.  It is anything but grey here, it is bright and whimsical and colourful.  I think I chose it because I experience my own dreams as kind of vague and far away, yet there are certain things about them that really pop out and stick with me.  Somehow, this art installation kind of reminded me of that.  

But art is subjective and open to interpretation.  When you go visit, I am sure you will see something completely different.  

"Through the Lens of Dreams" is open for viewing at Art Screamers for approximately the next month.  

Take some time to really explore this full sim build.  It is a delightful art installation to experience and I guarantee, it will put a smile on your face.  

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Burn2: "Mintaka" and "Rebirth"

It is kind of a busy week for me.  Canadian Thanksgiving is this weekend, and I am off work for a few days visiting the family before the long weekend.  I wasn't sure if I would be able to blog more about Burn2 this week because when I am with the family, they make plans for me that cover practically every minute of the day.  But I was able to sneak away long enough to find two really great builds at Burn2 that caught my eye to share here.

The first one is called "Mintaka" by Starlash Sweetwater:

You can sit on the floating pages and be whisked away in the story of "Mintaka's Wish".  I always love builds that you can interact with and become a part of. 

Don't forget to pick up the notecard so you can read this short and inspirational story.   

The next build that caught my eye was "Rebirth" by Anya Ibor.

A small sample from the Artist's Thesis (be sure to grab the notecard to read the full thesis)...

"From fire we can be reborn…changed…evolved to a higher plane of consciousness...

This can happen by choice—or by chance...

By chance, we might be thrown involuntarily into chaos, fiery horror, terror...

Do we rise to the surface, reborn of fire to ascend higher as humans? Or do we stay in the fire, endlessly burning and suffering? It is up to each individual to choose: Rebirth into a new life of higher consciousness, or stay swirling in chaos."  

I intend on sneaking away from the family a little more so I can share some more interesting art builds to share.  Maybe I'll see you on the playa :)

Monday, October 3, 2011

The end of my 365 Photography Project...but it's really a beginning

After giving it some thought over the weekend, I have come to the decision to stop my 365 SL Photography Project.  I've kind of wrestled with it for awhile, but now that I have made the decision, it not only feels like a relief, but also like the right thing for me to do.

In the beginning, this kind of project appealed to me because it was an easy framework that I could commit to.  When I say 'easy', I mean attainable for me.  Committing to a blog post everyday for a year and following through on it is not exactly 'easy', but it was something that I felt I could do.  It was kind of like paying my membership to the gym because if I didn't make some kind of commitment, I knew I would never do it.  So working on one or a few photos from SL everyday was kind of like my training wheels for flexing my creative muscles.

And I learned a lot.  I learned about the rule of thirds for taking interesting photos, when to use that rule, and more often, when to break it.  I learned all the little in's and outs of my SL viewer.  I tried different viewers including the official SL viewer and several third party viewers.  I finally learned how to use Photoshop Elements or at least how to make use of some features to edit my photos to bring out the best in them.  There is still so much for me to learn in that respect.  I got to know my Macbook from the inside out in a way that playing games and updating my status on Facebook never gave me incentive to do before.  

One of the biggest things to come out of my 365 project was that in following through on it for as long as I did (even though it wasn't always everyday), I created a space in my life to learn some new skills to express myself creatively.  Every evening when I log into SL, I am there because I am looking for some creative stimulation, or something to fill the well.  At this point, it feels like there is a hole in my day if I don't do something about it, and it took several months before that creative space was a consistent part of my daily routine. 

So in that sense, the parameters of the project have been a huge support for me.  But there comes a time when your training wheels start to feel like they are holding you back, which is where I find myself now.  There have been many times, and getting more frequent, that I want to learn something new, but my time limits make room for only doing 365 photos. 

I felt a little bad about making this decision, but when I dig past all my negative self-talk that tells me I fail for not finishing or not following through on my commitment, what I find is that beneath it all is the realization that I have outgrown my 365 project...and that's okay.

Which brings me to my next lesson learned...the creative muse does not always, if ever, fit into a neat little package or a set of expectations.  Sometimes she cooperates, but most of the time she is fickle and disappears for days or weeks at a time.  She hides around the corner and surprises me with inspiration when I least expect it.  She will placate me by colouring within the lines, but she does not like it.  That strategy worked for me for a little while in bringing a venue for creative expression back into my life, but now it just feels restrictive and I'm ready to let it go.  

Does this mean I am going to stop posting images of places to go or things to do in Second Life?  No.  It just means I am no longer doing it within the boundaries of a 365 project.  I still intend on making images and sharing them here on this blog often, and other random thoughts I have.  It's just that every time I look at that number in my post title, I wince a little and I can't wait for it to be over.  That does not feel good to me.  

When I think back to day one of this project, I feel that I have fulfilled my intentions and have gotten more out of if than I ever expected.  When I look at it that way, I can hardly feel bad about the number of posts not adding up to 365.  The number is never what it was all about.  It was really about me accessing my creative inner voice and expressing that in a new way.

My 365 Photography Project served me well, and although I can't claim a big, happy end celebration, I can say it was a pretty good start to putting me on the path to living the authentic creative life I have always wanted.