Monday, September 12, 2011

236 of 365: My avatar is hovering above the ground

You'll notice in this picture, that my avatar appears to be hovering above the ground.  I tried taking my shoes off thinking it had something to do with that.  I took my ao off.  I tried 'stop animations'.   I did the 'character test'.  I rebaked. I went into edit appearance. 

I'm using Firestorm, so if anyone has any idea how I can fix this, please let me know.  I feel like a huge giant when I'm with my friends, whose avatar feet actually touch the ground.

I'm too tired to log in and explore to do any photos tonight.  I need to catch up on some sleep. 


  1. Phoenix has a thing called "height offset" used when your feet stick into the ground due to shoes, etc... It's probably that.

  2. it is the hight offet. you can find it in the phoenix button on the bottom bar of the viewer :)

  3. yeah i finally got it sorted out today. I asked for help in the Phoenix/Firestorm group. I must have accidentally changed it when I going through windlight and graphics setting taking pictures. Thanks