Wednesday, September 7, 2011

231 of 365: There is a method to my meeroo madness

Okay, I am trying really, really hard not to blog about meeroos everyday, but it's SO HARD, I'm dying here!  So please, just indulge me will you?

I love waking up in the morning to emails that say "It looks like your meeroos will have a new  baby soon".  I'm like a kid at Christmas jumping out of bed in the morning to log in and see what kind of present the meeroo gods have left me over night.  My husband thinks I have totally lost my marbles, and he may be right.  He gave me the 'concerned, I think she's slightly crazy' look while he was handing me a mug of coffee this morning.

So I logged in to find two nests that made me very happy:  a Caledonian and my first Cinder nest!  Now, to some of you more experienced breeders, that may not be a big deal, but for me it's totally cool.

It's exciting because after months of crapshoots of just throwing them together and hoping for something good, I am finally finding a method of pairing my meeroos that is producing desired and pleasantly surprising results.  I'm still not entirely sure, but I have a theory that I am still experimenting with. 

It seems to me that pairing like with like, produces something new - that is, if there is/are rarer traits in at least one of the meeroos lineage.  For example, I bought a normal winecoat male nest that had a Koi parent.  I have a ton of winecoat nests so I chose a female that had as many of the same traits as possible - same coat, same eyes, same size, but with no special traits in the lineage.  I coaxed them, named them Sid and Nancy, petted the hell out of them and so far they have given me a Caledonian/short tail and a Cinder.

Am I completely off, or am I onto something?

Now to prove I'm not totally crazy, the other day I got another Caledonian nest from my two Sierra coats, Jack and Olivia, which I paired together using the same strategy.  The only difference being that neither Jack nor Olivia have special traits in their lineage, or not that I know of.  They are nests that came from some of my earlier meeroos.

I don't read the forums, so if I am onto something that is not a huge breakthrough for anyone else, oh well, it is new to me and is providing me with big motivation in getting those blank spaces in my Tome filled. 

Now, if I get a Koi nest from Sid and Nancy, that will be cause for big celebration and you'll be sure to hear about it here.

/me shakes head and snaps out of it...

I can't believe I think about this crap all day long.  I'd better get back to work ;)