Tuesday, September 6, 2011

230 of 365: Messing with Mesh clothing

I have to admit that initially I wasn't very impressed with mesh clothing when I first tried it the other week.  My disappointment had nothing to do with the quality of the clothing or work of the designer.  It had everything to do with me being attached to my shape and not wanting to change it to fit the mesh clothing.  I realize that mesh is still brand new to the grid so it will be awhile before all the kinks are worked out, I can live with that.

A couple of days after purchasing these two mesh dresses from Jane, I was delivered two new folders of the same dresses with several more sizes/shapes in each.  I chose the 'fair' size, which although was not a perfect fit, once I put on the invisible alpha layer, the fit was pretty close to my av shape that the only one who would notice the difference would be me.  

I really like the smooth look of the dresses, with no prim parts sticking out in odd places.  The dress, for the most part, moves with your av movement, which I think looks pretty good.

I'm excited to see what clothing designers come out with for mesh clothing in the future. 

I heard that Firestorm Mesh Viewer Beta was released today.  I'm still using the SL Viewer 3 to view mesh creations, but if for whatever reason V3 doesn't work for you, the Firestorm Mesh Beta might be an option that works for you.  

You can get these two dresses and other mesh clothing items at Jane.  Direct link here.

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