Sunday, August 28, 2011

222 of 365: Yes, you guessed it...more RL pics

I guess I shouldn't feel bad or apologize for being consumed by RL life this summer.  I am still logging into SL, it's just that I am far more interested in being out and enjoying the summer before it's over, which I'm afraid will be over very soon.

This evening my family attended the Canadian National Exhibition, or simply the Ex as it is known around here.  We did the usual attractions, watched a few shows - human canonball, Kenyan acrobats, the dog show, and of course the rides.  I think I did something weird to my neck, but apparently I get the coolest mom on the block award for getting on the all the rides.

It was fun, but what really caught my eye were these sand sculptures in the exhibition hall:

"The blind leading the blind"


"Fukishima Meltdown"

Fukishima meltdown was my personal favourite.  I'm drawn to art that is political, and I loved, loved this sand sculpture.

It's too bad that it is a sand sculpture and will soon be gone.  But just like art in the virtual world, nothing is permanent and I think that somehow makes it more special and meaningful to view and appreciate.  

I should be back into blogging cool art exhibits and places to visit in Second Life soon.  School starts shortly and summer is now days away from being over :(

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