Thursday, July 21, 2011

200 of 365

Today was quite possibly the hottest day I have ever experienced in the city in my 15 years here.  The heat was (and still is at this late hour) stifling, and even oppressive.  When I last looked at our thermometer outside, it read 42 degrees celcius, which is 108 degrees fahrenheit.  The news was reporting temperatures of 38 c/100 f.  

My brain feels kind of fried from the heat and smog, so I'm going to go easy on myself with a photo for tonight.  

We installed a new portable air conditioner last night, which has greatly improved the mood at my house.  We can sleep!  Finally!  

My laptop feels dangerously hot even with the cooling tray, so I think it's a good time to wrap things up and head to bed.  

Oh I hope this heat wave comes to an end soon.  

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