Wednesday, June 22, 2011

189 of 365: SL8B - "Together" by Mikati Slade

Well thank goodness for Twitter because if it wasn't for people Tweeting SLurl's to builds at the Second Life 8th Birthday celebration sims, I might have wandered aimlessly for hours, lost and confused.  

There's a lot to see and having a place to start is helpful to help get you oriented with the place.  

My first stop, thanks to some Twitter peeps, "Together" by Mikati Slade:

I love this extremely cute pop art build that I think perfectly captures the 'magical' theme of this years SL birthday celebrations.  The build is bright and colourful, and makes me happy!  And the music that Mikati has selected is pretty cool too.

From the notecard:

"People are often inhibited by numerous limits and handicaps, such as their appearance, gender, or age. In envisioning a better future, it makes sense to try to address this issue. In Second Life, people can push aside some of the obstacles that trouble them in real life and live, work, and develop relationships in a freer environment. It's the vision of a better future materialized in Second Life today. This is the magic of Second Life."

While I was viewing the build, I had the pleasure of meeting Mikati, whose avatar is just as bright, colourful and expressive as the build itself.

Judging from her creation at SL8B, I would not have expected her to be any other way :))

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