Saturday, March 5, 2011

92 of 365: PhotoShop Elements tips and tutorials

I use PhotoShop Elements for my photo editing projects.  Back when I was looking for photo editing programs, I just couldn't justify spending hundreds of dollars to purchase PhotoShop because I'm not a graphic designer or photographer.  PhotoShop Elements was a cheaper alternative so I went with that.  

I've heard that PSE has it's limits compared to PS, but it meets my basic needs and I'm pretty happy with it so far.

If you use PSE, I thought I would share some links for tutorials that have been helpful to me:

4 easy PhotoShop techniques to make your photos pop (this is actually for PS but the steps worked pretty much the same for me in PSE)

I just found this site and haven't delved too deeply into it yet, but it looks great.  It's lessons and video tutorials dedicated to PSE and Lightroom:

If you have any other resources/links to share, post links in comments.  I'm always looking for new stuff to learn.

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