Tuesday, February 15, 2011

86 of 365: Topiary Art Piece

In my two years in Second Life, I've had the privilege of befriending some really talented and creative people.  One of those people is Alexzel3D Chesnokov, who I met when I lived in the Costa Rica Sims Estate.  

I met her when I was hovering above her parcel admiring the giant Topiary Ballerina sculpture she created.  It's beautiful and I love it, and it's one the few things in my inventory that I feel really attached to.  

Now that spring has arrived in Piper Point, I'm looking for a good spot to rez her on my parcel.  

Alexzel creates many other fantastic products as well, which are available on the SL Marketplace.  The Topiary Ballerina comes in three sizes and is 68 prims.   

If you would like to come and see it inworld, send me and i.m and I'll send you a tp to my parcel to come check it out :))

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