Sunday, February 13, 2011

84 of 365: Embryo

I took these photos yesterday morning with intentions of coming back in the evening to post them.  For a lot of reasons, I didn't make it back to my laptop all day.  So I'll be doing two posts for my 365 project today.

The Second Life Destination Guide describes Embryo as a location that defies explanation.  I would agree with that, and I would also add that it is beautiful, mysterious and even somewhat isolating in the sparse watery landscape.  

I noticed that there was another snowy wooded area behind the trees in the photos below.  I didn't get a chance to explore there yesterday, but I will be back later today to take some more photos.  

Visit Embryo in Second Life

ETA:  The SLurl will land you on top of the store.  The area in the photos below is outside of the store area, but it's visible enough that you can easily find it by camming around. 

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