Sunday, February 6, 2011

78 of 365: Tranquillo - Tower of Meditation

Sometimes my weekends at home get so busy, and chaotic and LOUD, that by the time Sunday evening rolls around, I'm actually kind of looking forward to getting to my desk at work on Monday morning just so I can have a break!  

I almost skipped logging in tonight because I just wanted to go to sleep and put an end to all the madness.  I'm glad I didn't skip SL tonight because I found just what I needed....Tranquillo.

The Tower of Meditation in Tranquillo is a 700 steps, 250 m high build into the sky.  Follow the spiral staircase to the meditation pillows and tai chi pose balls on the platforms.  There is even an Intan couples dance ball at the very top of the tower...if you're not afraid of heights. 

This was the perfect spot for me to spend some quiet time at the end of my hectic weekend.  

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