Wednesday, December 8, 2010

24 of 365: Floating through Space

I went to Inspire Space Park this evening for some inspiration for today's photo.  I'm not really happy with the above snapshot.  I'm actually not feeling too happy about my 365 project because my time in SL is so limited and I'm feeling like I'm not putting much effort into my photos, or it is feeling like too much work when I am already stretched too thin. 

Maybe it's just this time of year.  There's always a lot going on and today was a very full day with work, dentist appointment for my daughter and then a consultation with an orthodontist, then rushing across town during rush hour to pick up my son, followed by a mad dash to my kids school for their winter concert.  We made it just in time.  I was literally taking their jackets off and straightening hair as they were lining up to walk on stage.  

The concert was great, very cute.  

Maybe once the holiday season is over, I will have more time to relax.  For now, I'm gonna cut myself some slack and just go to bed.  Goodnight. 


  1. if you have kids .... it is definitely that time of year :) and yes -- cut yourself a whole lot of slack!