Thursday, December 2, 2010

18 0f 365: One Prim Wonders

So I read today on Chestnut's last "Chestnut's Choices" on New World Notes about a building class at New Citizens Inc.  The time was good for me so I headed over to learn about building simple one prim pieces of furniture. 

I know they don't look all that interesting (and my snapshot is not the greatest) but it was great to be guided through steps to manipulate single prims to make simple furniture shapes.  

It was fun to watch how a single cylinder could turn into a sofa, table, lamp or carpet.

If you're at all interested in learning about building in SL, go check out a class at New Citizens Inc.  You can search NCI in the events listing under 'education' for their class listings.

I'm going back for another building class next week.  Maybe I will see you there :))

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