Monday, October 11, 2010

Visiting InWorldz

Tonight I decided to make a visit to InWorldz.  I have two avatars over there, one for Carrie and my original IW account, Esme Moonshadow, pictured in the snapshots below.  Carrie is not ready to be presented to the public yet LOL, but Esme is looking okay I think. 

I'm pretty excited about InWorldz.  Virtual world pioneers like Soror Nishi are doing amazing things here.  Soror's art is breathtakingly beautiful.  I just love her work.  I visited InArtza showcase for 2D and 3D artists to display and sell their work, where some of Soror's creations are displayed.

If you feel like visiting InWorldz, look me up under both my accounts:  Esme Moonshadow and Carrie Lexington.  sent out some friend requests tonight, from Esme.  

By the way, you can log in with the Imprudence viewer, if you are already using that one.  It saves you having to download another viewer. 

Hope to see you over there :))

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