Wednesday, September 1, 2010

I learn something new everyday

Bad mood the other day.  Just disregard that last cryptic blog post.  Two weeks of chronic neck pain and headaches are driving me to insanity.   


So today, after having this blog for 10 months, I finally discovered the Stats tab in my blogger dashboard.  I saw it before, but never bothered to open it.  For whatever reason, I decided today was the day to go see what it was all about.  And to my surprise, there were all my blog stats conveniently laid out for me.  Why did I not notice this before?! 

Wow!  Now I can actually check my blog traffic by day, week, or month, see where my traffic is coming from and which posts are getting the most views.  Very cool.  And to think I even considered paying $10 a month for that useless, but pretty, stats counter I was using for the free two week trial period.  Blogger already has it all! 

I was curious to see which post has generated the most traffic on my blog.  I'm feeling a little sheepish to say that it was my post entitled Emerald is my new BFF that has pulled in the most  traffic.  Wow, do I feel like a dumbass now that the EmeraldGate scandal has come and gone!  Oh well, it was an entertaining blog post...and in my the heck was I supposed to know?! 

But second to that, is my post entitled How to Build Community in SL.  It may not have received the amount of hits my Emerald post did (which surprises me), but it wins the prize for most comments and I still will get a random i.m in-world once in awhile from someone who liked the post.  

Like last night for example when I met the lovely Owly Indigo, a fellow profile stalker, who read about the How to Build Community poster in my profile and reached out to me to ask for a copy of it for her sim.  She wrote about that here on her blog.

That was really nice, and it was a good reminder for me to put myself out there too and start mingling.  Being the introvert that I am, it's far too easy for me to retreat into my shell and stay there, which is not so great for community building.  

Speaking of community building activities, Chestnut Rau and I are planning a mid September event for SL bloggers.  I will have more details here in the near future, but for now, I promise you it will be a laid back, entertaining and fun filled time that you will definitely want to be a part of.  I'm excited about it!  Stay tuned for more details.

That's all I have for tonight.  Until next time, take care of yourselves and have a fantastic Second Life!

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