Sunday, September 19, 2010

Hear My Voice

I totally just recorded this and listened to it over and over again like 10 times before I decided to just get on with it and post it here.  I could be here all night if I don't just post it now!

So here you go, here's my voice.  I'm told I sound very Canadian.  How many times do you think a person can say "ummm" within a few minutes?  

Spoken Word Party for SL Bloggers
Date:  Thursday, September 23rd, 2010
Time:  6pm slt
Where:  Blue Angel Poet's Dive, in Kolor
This is a voice enabled event


  1. Hi Carrie ;-)
    I enjoyed this voice post.
    Unfortunately 6pm slt is 3am for me, so I probably won't attend the Spoken Word Party for SL Bloggers this time ... and as a non native english speaker I'd prolly rather die before reading something, but I hope I'll have a chance one day to come and listen at a more european friendly time.
    I definately like this idea.
    Have fun ;-))