Monday, September 6, 2010

AFK by Huckleberry Hax...a Second Life Novel

The other day, in my daily meanderings around SL, I came upon an interview and short story reading by Huckleberry Hax.  I have heard Huckleberry recite his poetry at the Blue Angel Poet's Dive before (which by the way, his poetry is spectacular), but I did not know that he also wrote fiction that was set in SL.  For a bookworm like me, this is very exciting news. 

I immediately went to his website to download a copy of "AFK", which is free to download as a PDF file, but is also available for purchase from Lulu if you prefer to read a hard copy. 

I haven't even finished the book yet, I'm about halfway through, but let me tell you, it totally engaged and enthralled me from the first page. 

The story follows the SLife of Definitely Thursday, an in-world detective, who shares his thoughts and experiences of being a detective in SL.  But it's more than that, it's an engaging thriller/mystery while at the same time, an insightful and meaningful expression of what SL means to so many of it's users.  

One of my favourite passages...

"It had started to occur to me that Second Life was playing with dolls in a dolls' house.  Second Life was making model air planes.  Second Life was playing doctors and nurses, or soldiers and spacemen.  Second Life was painting.  And writing.  And music.  And maths.  Second Life was building little villages for toy trains to steam around.  Second Life was slotting racing track together and making cars whiz around it.  Second Life was joining a fan club or a local book discussion circle.  Second life was being pen pals.  Second life was writing love letters."

I absolutely love that paragraph.  

I don't want to say too much more about the novel, because I don't want to spoil it for anyone if you haven't already read it, so go download a copy now!  It really is a great read.

I would love to discuss this novel with other fans in-world.  Anyone have a book club I could join? :D

Download of AFK by Huckleberry Hax


  1. Omg, its 3am here and i JUST finished AFK and needed to see if anyone else had posted about it!! What an Amazing Story!!!! and the ENDING!!! I just want to make sure i understood it the way others did, or the way it was intended lol. I'd love to chat with you about it sometime. Just IM me, or send me a note. I know there are some book clubs at Book Island, but I don't belong to any. I noticed that your a Splash 128 fan :) me too. He's a good pal, and a great DJ.

  2. Hi neighbour! I read AFK in one sitting. Loved it! I should look into events at Book Island. Such a great little novel. I'll give you a shout! :)

  3. I loved AFK and AFK Again..Huck can write! I haven't *played* sl for years now. Huckleberry Hax brought it all back...exactly how it *was* *is* and a lot more that I didn't experience thank god. I guess it's possible though... *shivers*. Everyone in SL should read the AFK books...but you won't...too busy *playing* :)