Sunday, August 29, 2010


Maybe I'm just really tired and not seeing things clearly.  I was away this weekend and was looking forward to catching up on my blogroll reading tonight.  I read something that came across as sounding extremely judgemental to me.  It's good to express an opinion or a different viewpoint, but I don't think it's necessary to condescend to do that.  Attitudes and judgements like that annoy the hell out of me.  I don't know why I keep going back to read that particular blog.

Maybe I'm the one who is being judgemental in saying that.

Maybe I should just go to bed and hope that I wake up on the right side of the bed in the morning.

"We can never judge the lives of others, because each person knows only their own pain and renunciation. It's one thing to feel that you are on the right path.  It's another thing to think that yours is the only path."  Paulo Coelho

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

I always did like the colour purple

Tonight I spent some time doing Tai Chi and Meditation at Japan Tempura Island.  This is a place I go to when I want to relax and enjoy some peace and quiet, while I am reading in my web browser, plurking or blogging.  And yes, as laggy as the place is, I do manage to find some peace when I finally do make it through the lag to the tai chi pose balls.

I've been giving quite a bit of thought to the whole "Emerald Gate" debacle that occurred over this past weekend.  If you're not familiar with everything that went down, I'll leave the following links for you to read up on:

I know, that's a lot of stuff to read, but a lot of shit went down, and I'm too tired to accurately rehash the whole thing here. 

But, I do feel like expressing some of my thoughts, given the fact that I publicly declared my loyalty to the Emerald Viewer a few weeks ago in this blog post.  Upon hearing about the events that occurred over the weekend, I will say I am disappointed, confused and very mistrustful of Emerald and Modular Systems.   And I can't help but feeling a slight sense of being "had" or "taken for a ride".

For what it's worth, I think Fractured Crystal did the right thing by resigning.  I'm not going to jump on the bandwagon of kicking someone while they are down.  I think losing his business, his reputation and the trust of the Emerald Viewer community is punishment enough.  It's a sad situation, and I hope that he can learn some important life lessons from this.  That's all I'm going to say about that.

I don't know if I can say I will never use the Emerald viewer again.  It's a great viewer with fantastic features.  Time will tell, I suppose. 

For the time being, I am using the Imprudence Viewer, and I am quite happy with it's performance on my MacBook.  I've had a total of two crashes, since installing it a little over a week ago.  That's pretty solid.  

/me knocks on wood

I miss my Emerald viewer...however, I'm not feeling great about using it at this point.  The thought of logging in with Emerald leaves me with an uneasy feeling in my gut.  The threat of a breach to my privacy and security of my computer looms too large right now to see past it.

But I'm liking Imprudence.  It's a Linden Lab approved Third Party Viewer. I like the purple name tags.  I like that I'm having far less crashes than any other viewer I have previously used.  I like that there are weekly updates.  I like the Imprudence Manifesto.  I like that they use the word 'manifesto'.  I like that there is no drama or scandolous rumours floating around. 

I can see myself being a loyal Imprudence user and supporter.  I always did like the colour purple. 

You can download the viewer here:

As for my friend Emerald, I'm not ready to turn my back on it yet.  I'll be watching for news on the restructuring and waiting to see how it all unfolds before I make any final decisions.  

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

I felt like my heart was going to jump out of my chest

I wasn't planning on it, but tonight I read two poems at the Lyrical Cafe Poetry Club.  You may remember that I wrote about my poetry and writing in this blog post.

Normally, the Tuesday poetry readings take place at 4pm slt.  However, tonight it started at 6pm slt (9pm my time) which worked out great for me because my kids are sound asleep by them.  So, no distractions, which meant I had no other excuses not to read, haha. 

My friend Ulrich was happy to hear that I was finally gonna get up there to read my poem that he so generously offered his constructive criticism on...weeks ago I might add.

I was feeling fine, until the host im'd me that I was up next.  OMG I thought my heart was going to jump out of my chest.   

Thank goodness I had Ulrich, Chestnut and Zha there to cheer me on and support me.  It meant a lot to me.

I'm not going to post any poems here tonight, but if you are a poetry fan, I would really enjoy your company at a spoken word event.

I would love to share some poetry with you.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Profile Stalker

I admit that I am a profile stalker.  Sometimes when I am bored, I go through my friends list and read profiles, hungry for updates.  I always check profiles because I am interested in people. I like reading profiles that intrigue me and make me want to know more about that person.  Sometimes, I find some really great profiles, other times I’m disappointed by the empty spaces. 

Occasionally, I’ll come across a profile that heeds words of warning – “don’t mess with me, I’m fiercely protective of so and so…”  I guess I can understand that.  Your profile is there to put a message across and you can put whatever you want in there.

Two things I don’t understand, are profiles that are used to badmouth a former lover/partner/friend, and (the one that irks me the most) the profiles that state they keep chat logs and will use and post them publicly if they have to.  Correct me I'm wrong here, but doesn't that last one go against the LL Terms of Service?

A guaranteed way to turn off a profile stalker and potential new friend or business contact? Warn me that you may use my words against me in the future. 

Onto the next profile...