Friday, July 23, 2010

Emerald is my new BFF

Last night, I finally reached my boiling point with viewer 2.1. It's taken me a long time, but really, I'm up to my eyeballs in frustration, and I'm finally jumping off the bandwagon. 

I can live with the annoying extra clicks, the slide out sidebar, the smaller and less noticeable notification boxes, but I do have two huge complaints with viewer 2.1:

  1. Search doesn't work AT ALL.  Nothing but an empty black box comes up when I open search.
  2. My wireless connection cuts off when I use 2.1.  Someone told me that this sounds like a firewall issue.
I'm not at all tech savvy, I have a MacBook and I have never had to install a firewall on it.  I have no idea where to even start to remedy this problem.  I'm quite used to being incompatible with a lot of applications/programs because I'm a Mac user, but this time I have to throw my arms up with frustration because I have never had this problem with the old viewer.  I guess I could research the problem and find a way around it, but I don't have time to search the forums or google up information because I'm busy at work (but not too busy to blog this,haha).  And when I'm not at work, I'd rather be doing other things, like playing with my kids, instead of digging thru thousands of search hits so I could figure out how or if I can use the new viewer. 

Every single time I log in with 2.1, my wireless connection cuts off.  Sometimes I can be logged in for an hour or two, but most times, I'm logged in not even two minutes before it happens.  I log in again, and the same things happens over and over.  The end result is that I usually end up practically slamming my poor innocent laptop shut out of frustration and I and watch tv instead. 

This really sucks because contrary to popular opinion, I actually like and want to use viewer 2.1.  I love the new alpha layers, the ability to create outfit folders that link to my items rather than having to copy them, I like the back and forward browser like buttons, the shared media, and the option of changing my camera view from back, side or front.  I tell you, when I first discovered that new feature, I was endlessly amused watching my avatar walk from a front view.  Silly, I know, but little things make me happy.

Ya, I know, there are a lot of valid complaints about 2.1, but I don't mind the extra clicking or the dreaded slide out sidebar.  Yet, I hope that that in future updates all of these things will be fixed.  This kind of stuff I can live with and even retrain my SL viewer habits just because I love the new features so much.  Maybe if I was a hardcore builder or creator, I would feel differently. 

But those things aren't preventing me from enjoying my time in SL the way the absence of a search feature that actually works does, and the fact that my laptop hates viewer 2.1 apparently as much as everyone else does.  If my MacBook didn't dislike 2.1 so much, even just the absence of a working search feature is enough to deter me from logging in with 2.1.  I use the search feature way too often to go without it. 

My bottom line is, I am tired of waiting for an update that will fix these problems,and I'm not going to spend my precious spare time researching how or if i can get my laptop to call a truce with 2.1.  I especially hate to waste my time on that when I know there are other viewers out there that are perfectly compatible with my beloved MacBook. 

So, as a result, I have turned to the Emerald viewer for relief.  I started using Emerald more because unlike the old viewer, it is still being updated, it is stable, my MacBook agrees with it, and the search feature actually works, complete with events listings.  Excited as I was about all those cool new features of 2.1, I'll have to put that on the back burner.  Emerald does the job and you know what?  It's starting to grow on me, and I may even be developing an unexpected fondness and attachment to the darned thing.  Emerald is quickly becoming my new best friend.

Still, I miss all those linked outfit folders I created, the tattoo layers, make up options, invisiprim-less shoes, shared media, and inconspicuous notifications and all those other things that were presented as being so appealing in 2.1.  All those little things don't add up to much when I can't even stay logged in for more than an hour before I get cut off.  Sorry 2.1, I thought we would be good friends but it seems we just aren't compatible. 

Now, you can call me crazy, but after having said all that, I have to admit that I still have a teeny tiny glimmer of hope for 2.1, and maybe, just maybe, I'll be able to use it again someday. 

Oh well.  Hope springs eternal, I guess. 


  1. Hahahahahaha! I saw this headline in my Google reader and went, "I AM? WOO HOO!!!"

    The weird thing for me in 2.1 - besides crashing all the time - is that if I change an article of clothing or skin or hair, my SHOES COME OFF and then quickly come back on. Not the prims - the actual shoes, so if I'm wearing heels, my AV will do this little jerk where she gets three inches shorter and then pops back up.

    I also don't like the fact that there's no Shout button anymore and I keep having to ask people the shortcut keys for shouting. I never knew shouting was so important to me until the ability to quickly shout was cruelly yanked away from me.

    Those are probably two of the most random-ass complaints about 2.1, but whatever. :D

  2. What problems have you seen with search? I'm seeing results that I don't expect - but I may well be imagining it... maddening tho!

  3. hi vas! :)) search doesn't work at all when i use 2.1. when i try to search something, i black empty box pops up on my screen. don't know what's up with that. i haven't used 2.1 for at least a couple of weeks now, so maybe it's different now, idk.

  4. Humm... I've installed the Imprudence viewer recently and I'm also having some issues with my wireless connection. Strangely I did not connect the problem with the use of the viewer, since it keeps happening as well when I'm not running it. And the strange thing is that sometimes nothing odd happens, it just works normally. It's a shame if this is caused by the viewer 'cause I really like it, though.

  5. anonymous, after i published this post, i figured out that all i had to do was add the viewer to my safe list. my computer was blocking the application because of my security settings. i have since added 2.1 to my list and it works fine. i had to do the same thing to use Imprudence and that's the viewer i use now. :))

  6. Thanks. For some reason it is stable now. It's working fine. And I didn't do anything. Now I'm trying to test run Phoenix, but that one is exiting before logging in just right when it says Initializing Multimedia. I've disabled Music and Media, but it keeps exiting. Any thoughts on this? Also, what OS are you using. I'm running fart Vista. :) Thanks for replying.