Thursday, June 17, 2010

BBBC Day 5: Bloggers Choice: Meet the real me

I have nothing blog worthy to say today.  So instead, I'm going to post this snapshot I took of my avatar looking in the mirror with the real me reflecting back to her.  

I actually posted this here before and then I deleted it because I chickened out about showing my face, and I wasn't happy with how the snapshot turned out.  I played around with it too much in PhotoShop Elements and the colours came out looking all washed out.  Maybe I'll redo it one of these days, but for now here it is...


  1. You look glum. You should smile :D

  2. it was early in the morning and i was waiting for my coffee. my eyes don't even look open in that picture LOL

  3. I like! You, your blog, the picture!