Tuesday, May 4, 2010

i'm a bad, bad blogger

i can't believe i've let a month go by without posting anything new.  but you know how it is.  rl got busy and i've been consumed by other responsibilities this past month.  not that that's a bad thing, but damn i'm tired.  my brain is too fried to think up something smart, witty or insightful for this blog, and the thought of taking any snapshots right now makes my head hurt.  right now collecting freebies and shopping are about my limits in sl.  oh, i started taking a modeling class which i'm really enjoying, but i have to admit, if it wasn't for that modeling class, i might not be logging in to SL at all.  Life is just busy, busy. 

aside from the usual craziness with my rl work, we bought a house!  i am now the proud owner of a depressed property, haha!  it's not a house for us to live in.  we're going to renovate it and rent it and eventually resell it.  so that will mean more stuff to organize, but for the next month or so, i get a bit of a break from thinking about the house, which is a relief.  

speaking of houses and homes, i've started working on a blog post about my SL home.  i've been wanting to write about it for awhile but as i said earlier, my mind has been occupied.  but i'm committing to writing the blog post and i'm gonna get it done this week...you are my witness to that.  i think i should post something new before i lose the few readers i have :P

so, that's it for now.  just wanted to let you know that i am still alive and kicking and i will be blogging again soon.  take care and i hope you are all having a fabulous second life! :)) 

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