Sunday, March 28, 2010

a day of firsts

Today I got my first speeding ticket.  It feels strangely momentous in some way, almost like a right of passage.  I'm a late bloomer and only got my drivers license a few years ago, so I think one speeding ticket in three years is not that bad.  Still, I was feeling pretty crappy about it, so when I logged into SL, I started looking for something to do to turn the day around for myself.

Seemed like a good opportunity to turn this day into a day of firsts and do my very first fashion post.  So here we go...

Ducknipple is one of my favourite stores in SL.  My friend Aubree tp'd me to the shop once and I have loved it ever since.  I love the retro 80's/alternative look and feel of the clothing.  It's totally my style.  They also have a nice selection of clothing for guys as well.  

The Peel long tank/minidress comes in shirt and jacker layer in six colours.  Purple is my favourite colour at the moment, so it's the one i featured here.  I chose to wear it as a minidress over a pair of grungy capris jeans because i'm modest and well, i just like wearing miniskirts over my jeans.  It solves the problem of too much butt showing in low cut jeans.  

So with my first photo shoot for a fashion post behind me, I remembered that today was the monthly SL Bloggers party.  So off I headed to attend my first in-world bloggers get together.

I arrived late, and stayed for the last hour of the party, so I think I missed a lot of the excitement.  But I still had a great time and it was a treat for me to dance amongst some of my favourite bloggers.   I felt so humble :)

All in all, today turned out not to be so bad.  I managed to turn a crappy start to my day, into something positive that I felt good about. 

Feels like a small victory.  :D

p.s - i can't believe how long it took me to put this post together!  

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