Saturday, December 12, 2009

SL Shopping in RL

Have any of you ever been out and about in RL and you find yourself shopping for stuff for your SL avatar?  Well, it happens to me a lot, and yesterday when i was out Christmas shopping, i bought this: 

Anyone who knows me in-world, knows that i have a thing for skulls.  Skull t-shirts, skull sneakers, skull earrings, necklaces, belts, name it, if it has anything skully on it, then i either already have it or soon will.  i even have a folder in my inventory for all my skully items. 

Note the skull t-shirt, and skull sofa.  oh, and my favourite skully chucks...

For my SL, skulls suit me.  In RL, i'm not quite sure how i would fit that purple skully purse in with my office wardrobe.  I tried it out with a couple of blouses and different jackets, which my 7 year old daughter gave me an enthusiastic thumbs down for.  

In the end, she reasoned that she would make better use of the purse than i would because she likes skulls too, purple is her favourite colour, and "my lunch box fits perfectly in it, see?"  ok, ok, so i handed it over. 

But darn that purse would look so great in my SL wardrobe.    

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